Know Your state Jharkhand Some Fact About Jharkhand And Details

Jharkhand State Full Detail – History, capital, geographical situation, Population, Administration, tourist places,, university


Jharkhand State
Know Some Fact And Detail About Jharkhand State


Jharkhand State: Jharkhand is the most forested state in the country, and it is named Jharkhand because of this forest. There is a segment where a jhaar or a shrub symbolizes a forest. As the name implies, this state is primarily a forest area. Mineral reserves abound in the state. Jharkhand state

Jharkhand State: Establishment

The Adivasi Mahasabha, founded about 1930 under the leadership of Jaipal Singh Munda, dreamed of a distinct ‘Jharkhand,’ but in the year 2000, the Central Government created Jharkhand by partitioning the southern section of Bihar on 15 November (on the birthday of tribal hero Birsa Munda). & Jharkhand became India’s 28th state.

Jharkhand State: History

The history of Jharkhand state is more than 1000 years old, Singh Munda, an Indian hockey player and captain of the Indian hockey team in the Olympic Games, proposed the formation of a new state by uniting the southern districts of the current Bihar state in the year 1939 AD. However, Jai Singh Munda’s desire came true on October 2, 2000, when the bill to grant Jharkhand distinct statehood was enacted in Parliament, and on November 15, the same year, Jharkhand became India’s 28th state.

Jharkhand state: Capital

Ranchi is the state capital of Jharkhand. It is also known as the city of waterfalls due to the abundance of waterfalls and waterfalls. Ranchi is Jharkhand’s third most populous city. During the Jharkhand movement, Ranchi was the epicentre of the movement. Ranchi is also home to Indian player Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Ranchi has been chosen as one of 100 Indian cities to be built into a smart city under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Smart City Mission.

Jharkhand state: Population

Jharkhand has a population of around 3,29,88,134 people, according to the 2011 census. The sex ratio here is 949 females for every 1000 males. The population density per square kilometre is approximately 414, although there is a lot of diversity because there is a highly dense population in some locations in the state and the density is relatively low due to being a forest zone.

Jharkhand state: geographical situation

This state is located in north east India and is shaped like a quadrilateral, with a width of 463 km east to west and a length of 380 km north to south. Jharkhand’s entire area is 79,714 square kilometres, or 2.42 percent of India’s total area. Jharkhand border state are Bihar in the north, Odisha in the south, West Bengal in the east, and Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh in the west.

Jharkhand state: mineral wealth

Jharkhand is mainly considered to be a state rich in mineral wealth and the main minerals found here include coal, hematite (iron ore), magnetite (iron ore), copper ore, limestone, boxide, kayanite, chinaclay, graphide. , quartz/silica, fire clay, mica.

Jharkhand State: Administration

  • Division – 5,
  • District – 24,
  • Sub-Division – 43,
  • Block – 260

Jharkhand state: tourist places

  • Deoghar Vaidhinath Temple
  • Hundru Falls
  • Dalma Sanctuary
  • Betla National Park
  • Shri Sameed Shikharji Jain Shrine (Parasnath)
  • Patratu Dam
  • Patratu
  • Gautam Dhara
  • Jonha Falls
  • Chinmastika Temple Rajrappa
  • Panchghagh Falls
  • Dasam Falls
  • Hazaribagh National Sanctuary
And Many More

Jharkhand state: freedom fighter

  • Birsa Munda
  • Sidhu Kanhu
  • Tilka Manjhi
  • Albert Ekka
  • Telanga Khadia

Jharkhand State: university

  • Ranchi University Ranchi
  • Sidhu Kanhu University Dumka
  • Vinoba Bhave University Hazaribagh
  • Birsa Agricultural University Ranchi
  • Binod Bihari Mahato University Dhanbad
  • Birla Institute of Technology Mesra Ranchi
  • Kolahan University Chaibasa

Jharkhand State: Industries

These are some famous industries in Jharkhand are:
  • Heavy Engineering Corporation
  • Steel Authority of India

Jharkhand state: Other Leading Institutions

  • National Metallurgical Laboratory Jamshedpur
  • National Mining Research Institute Dhanbad
  • Indian Lacquer Research Institute Ranchi
  • National Institute of Psychiatry Ranchi
  • Xavier’s Institute of Management
  • XLRI Jamshedpur

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